We offer a safe and comfortable experience by traveling together as a group. We keep the group small for a more personal and friendly experience.

See you soon ladies!

Wonderful colleagues and professional Swedish companies run by women!


With passion for nature and ecotourism

Tatiana discovered her passion for travel and adventure in her earliest 20`s when she started to travel abroad. Born in Ecuador one of the most exotic South American destinations for tourism. After travelling to other countries discovered that meeting cultures, people, new environments and new adventures was something that attracted her a lot.

Tatiana started her career in the Tourism business college in Ecuador, working for important incoming travel agencies. Her passion for nature and ecotourism brought her to the Ecuadorian amazon rainforest. Bird watching, nature, eco adventures and meeting with local Indian people was part of Tatiana’s tours as a jungle Girl Guide. 

In her mid-20`s she travel to Madrid- Spain, to continue her studies, this time with focus on Quality Management in Tourism. Her studies got her to get in contact with Swedish Lapland where she settled down her life and carrier in the North of Sweden.

After many years working in tourism in Swedish Lapland, Tatiana decided to share her experiences and adventures in HER own way with her touch of “Latin” woman,  and of course in cooperation with wonderful colleagues and professional Swedish companies run by women.


With the wind in her hair and rain in her face, she feels alive

A west coast outdoor woman who has always have loved to travel and who always says YES! to new adventures. Annies keywords are Inspiration and Motivation, with her positive and friendly attitude she makes people feels good  and comfortable.

With many years of experience guiding our groups,  certificate in rafting and mountain guidning. You will feel very safe in her hands!


The forest is her breathing hole

Being in nature, summer or winter increase Lenas well-being.

Our forests has many colors and shapes: pine forest, mushroom forest, moose forest, ski forest - all depending on the season and the case.

Moose hunting is part of Lenas free time. She started to chase and hunt moose for 10 years ago, and activity that brought her very close to nature. Lena grew up in a farmhouse in central Sweden, 300 km north of Stockholm where the animals were there for a reason - to give milk, meat and wool.  Lena has been an active scout since she was a child,  participating in several scout camps , meetings and leaderships courses in different countries.

Today Lena work as a priest in the Swedish church, a very interesting job where she have the possibility to develop herself, sharing happiness and sorrow with people around her.

Being outdoors, feeling the sunshine and daylight, sitting together by the fire, no matter how much we talk, bring us closer to ourselves,  to our body and to our soul.


A Passionate forager with a taste for the good life


Eva has turned her interest of tastes into a living and profession. The last ten years she has been exploring and learning more about the traditional wild herbs and berries in Lapland, loving the tastes and the health aspects they give. Probing deeper and deeper she has developed her own unique and sustainable way of sharing the knowledge that incorporates a huge respect for the local culture and nature.


As a young woman, she came from the capital Stockholm to the mountains and immediately fell in love with the spectacular wilderness, the warm and easygoing people and the Sami culture that she has come very close to, being married to a Sami reindeer herder.


When you meet Eva she will share these experiences in a personal, informative and joyful way that will stimulate your senses. All activities are filled with flavoursome taste bits and drinks for you to enjoy while you wander around in the fields and forest, take part of a taste workshop or visit her cosy house in Jokkmokk.


An outdoor & nature guide who mostly likes old pine forest

Her passion for outdoor life has also became her profession. Cecilia has four years of study in ecology and guidance and 10 years of professional experience as an outdoor and nature guide. Cecilia has the privilege to meet people when they feel as best – in freedom close to nature.


Sustainable human powered activities

Susanne was literally born in nature, being raised in a small village in northern Sweden north of the arctic circle. Susanne’s early years were spent picking berries in the forest with her family, camping in the mountains, hiking and riding horses before being bitten by the travel bug and moving to the “big city” after secondary school looking for adventure. Susanne has travelled to from Asia to Europe to Africa and is eager for more. A lifelong affinity for yoga led Susanne to a career switch to realize her dreams to be a yogi.


Susanne’s passions aside from yoga are to provide a real and genuine experience to guests that focus on traditional Swedish tastes in food and culture, blending with non-traditional ideas such as yoga, fatbikes, kayaks, snowshoes, and stand up paddleboards to create an lasting and completely one of a kind trip.

Susanne is a certified yoga instructor and city guide who has worked in international tourism in Turkey.


Indigenous lifestyle based on reindeer herding

Meet Anna, a young indigenous Sámi woman, living an arctic lifestyle based on reindeer herding. At her camp you will experience real Sámi hospitality. Spend a couple of relaxing hours for all of your senses. Listen to the sparkling fire while you enjoy a dinner with only the best locally produced food from the Sami kitchen. You will gather around the fireplace in her lávvu (tent house) where you will learn about the culture and the eight seasons. Take part of the jojk, the traditional Sámi way to musically tell a story and to remember the old ways. In the coral the reindeer will meet you curiously and you will be able to feed them and get really close.



Mountain Leader, World Heritage Laponia


Mirja started her guide career among rainforests and anacondas in Venezuela, guiding several groups around the country and of course getting in touch with the South American culture and language.


After a fantastic experience in Venezuela Mirja moved back to Sweden and Storuman where she started her career as mountain leader. Her passion for outdoor and nature, lead her to develop high levels of educational and training courses as hiking and paddling instructor for the American company NOLS ( National Outdoor Leadership School), with expeditions in Norway, Alaska and Sweden.


Today she is a part owner of Laponia Adventure Sweden AB offering different types of mountain expeditions all year around in the beautiful area of Laponia World Heritage and National Parks in Northern Sweden.





Get a glimpse of their Arctic Lifestyle

in the North


Both grew up in Germany, Johanna in Munich and Katharina on a horse farm in the North of Germany. They met in Swedish Lapland 2007 and since than they share the journey of life together. Katharina is the musher and educated wilderness guide and Johanna is the plant expert and wholehearted storyteller.

The activities from 8Seasons4Women offers an experience in real silent with a close contact to nature. Katharina & Johanna like to give you the opportunity to learn more about the culture in Swedish Lapland. Many trips start at their Basecamp in Miekojärvi, the village where the road ends and adventure begin. A great location for outdoor activities like snowshoeing, ice fishing, hiking, biking and not to forget the sled dog tours.

They run the sled dog kennel 8SeasonsHuskies. The dogs are the real passion for the both ladies. Katharina competes in the longest sled dog race in Europe – the Finnmarkslöpet. During the kennel visit Katharina shares her knowledge about the training and life together with sled dogs and you can join a sled dog tour during wintertime.


Tatiana Rynbäck inspires people all over the world spreading power, courage, inspiration and friendship through her adventures.

– Outdoor Women with a thought. Travel adventures for all you, with unique and unforgettable experiences, memories and joys of life once in a lifetime.